Minimum Wage Posters Available

New York State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Georgia Hawaii Idaho Idaho Illinois Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Kentucky Louisiana Louisiana Maine Massachusettes Maryland Michigan Michigan Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Mississippi Mississippi Missouri Missouri Missouri Montana Montana Nebraska Nebraska Nevada Nevada Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Ohio Ohio Oklahoma Oklahoma Oregon Oregon Oregon Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Tennessee Texas Texas Texas Texas Utah Utah Vermont Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Washington Washington West Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wyoming

Labor Law Posters are Required by Law

The Federal and State Departments of Labor require all businesses with a specified number of employees to post minimum wage, labor law, OSHA, unemployment, and other relevant laws and regulations. US Poster Compliance follows these requirements and changes for each state to determine exactly what your business needs to share with its employees.

Wherever your business is located, click on the appropriate state in the map above and order the coinciding All-In-One poster. We guarantee it meets all the current requirements for that state or we'll refund your poster AND pay any incurred fines.

We support business growth all across the United States and we'll always do our small part to help you succeed. Thanks for doing your part, as well - and thanks for being a customer of US Poster Compliance.