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  • New Mexico Released Human Trafficking Poster

    The New Mexico State Poster has been revised to include human trafficking.

    The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions has released the New Mexico Human Trafficking poster that must be posted by all employers that are subject to the state Minimum Wage Act.  This is a mandatory change that must be posted in english and spanish clearly visible to the public and all employees.  This poster includes information about the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline.

    This change is in effect starting July 2014.

    Order your updated New Mexico Labor Law Poster from US Poster Compliance to make sure your business is up to date. 

  • Connecticut Child Labor Law Poster Change

    Connecticut state poster has been updated to change Child Labor Laws for the Mercantile Trades and Food Services. 

    There has been new minimum wage changes for Connecticut with respect to Mercantile/Retail Trades and Restaurant/Food Services for Child Labor. The poster displays the current wage of $8.70 and hour starting January 1st of 2014, which then increases to $9.15 an hour starting January 1st of 2015, $9.60 an hour starting January 1st of 2016, and $10.10 starting January 1st of 2017.

    This mandatory change is effective June 2014

  • District of Columbia Poster Change for Accrued Sick and Leave

    Accrued Sick and Safe Leave poster revision to the District of Columbia.

    The District of Columbia has updated their Accrued Sick and Safe Leave poster to display changes to the Accrued Safe and Sick Leave Act of 2008.  With this new update, work can start accruing time when they are hired and can take paid leave after having employment with that company for 90 days.  

    This mandatory change is effective June 2014

  • Minimum Wage Poster Change for the District of Columbia

    District of Columbia compliance poster changed to alter Minimum Wage

    The District of Columbia poster has been revised to display the changes in minimum wage valid for 2014, 2015, and 2016.  Minimum Wage in the District of Columbia is set to be raised from $8.25 an hour to $9.50 an hour starting July 1st of 2014, $10.50 starting July 1st of 2015, and $11.50 starting July 1st of 2016.  

    Mandatory poster change effective July 2014

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