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  • Unemployment Insurance Poster

    Many states across the US require employers to post an Unemployment Insurance Poster. The poster gives the employees an avenue to pursue possible unemployment benefits if they qualify. These posters usually consist of an outline for what makes an employee eligible and contact information for the state’s unemployment hotline. Unemployment Insurance Posters are included on our State and Federal all-in-one Labor Law Posters for the states that require that this information be posted. If you are in need of an updated poster CLICK HERE

  • Labor Law Compliant?

    The Department of Labor at both the state and federal level require all employers to post a series of Labor Law Posters to remain compliant with the changing laws. The documents are often updated causing confusion in the workforce as to who is compliant and who is not. Business owners and HR professionals already have a hefty load on their plate of responsibility without having to deal with this potentially costly problem.

    We are here to help! US Poster Compliance offers a solution in the form of a State and Federal all-in-one Labor Law Poster. This 36’’X 31” document includes all of the required state and federal documents to be labor law compliant. We also offer a 12 Month Compliance Package to help you keep up with the frequent changes. This package is like a yearly subscription that includes automatic updates for all state and federal required changes delivered to your business. Stay labor law compliant, order your posters today CLICK HERE!

  • New Minnesota Minimum Wage Poster August 2014

    The minimum wage in Minnesota is being raised to $8 per hour beginning August 1st 2014. This raise is the first of it's kind in nearly a decade in the state of Minnesota.  The lawmakers in the state also set up a plan to raise the minimum wage in Aug 2015 and again in Aug 2016 with the rate reaching $9.50 per hour in 2 years.

    There are a few exceptions to this rate hike however. Large employers (yearly revenue of $500,000 or higher) will be expected to pay the $8 per hour by August 1 2014. On the other hand smaller employers (annual revenue of less than $500,000 per year) will only be required to pay their employees a $6.50 per hour minimum wage.  Workers under the age of 18 may also be payed a "youth rate" of $6.50 per hour.

    Regardless of the size of employer a new Minnesota Labor Law Poster is required. Our labor posters have been updated to stay in compliance with these new laws.  Order your updated Minnesota State and Federal Labor Law Poster now CLICK HERE.

  • State and Federal Labor Posters

    When you are in business of any kind, the heaping plate of responsibility can be overwhelming at times. Overwhelming may actually be an understatement. This is something we know all too well here at US Poster Compliance, thats why we're making things simple. Most Labor Law Poster companies sell both a state and federal poster as separate documents. Not only does this method take up more room, but it's often overpriced as you are expected to buy both posters to stay in compliance with the state and federal law. In an effort to make life easier for our loyal customers we put all of the State and Federal Labor Posters on one poster, we made it far less expensive than our competitor's posters, and we have even added a 12 month compliance package option to ensure you get your updates when they are available. "We want our customers to look at us as an ally for their business, someone who can be trusted to ease the responsibility burden" -Brandon Eaton CEO US Poster Compliance. You can order your all in one State and Federal Labor Posters by clicking the "posters and products" tab at the top of the page.

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